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All eyes may be on you for the wedding ceremony, but come the reception your guests will not only be checking out the beautiful, historic surroundings of Isaacs, they’ll be eagerly waiting to see your first dance as a married couple.
Selecting the right DJ to play at your wedding is one of the most important decisions you can make. Why?, because let’s face it, no matter how ‘wow’ the views – and at Isaacs’ we have some pretty jaw-dropping waterfront vistas – it is the DJ who is responsible for getting your guests up on their feet and dancing all night long.

Let's meet My Big Fat Wedding Disco

Gavin from My Big Fat Wedding Disco is no stranger to the dancefloor area of Isaacs top floor – in fact, as one of our trusted suppliers he’s been privy to more than a few wedding day dance-offs in the historic Isaacs setting.
We take five minutes with him to talk all things wedding disco – from the first dance to the final song of the night.
The glowing testimonials on My Big Fat Wedding Disco’s Facebook page are testament to the company’s vision in bringing your wedding plans together. They are passionate about the service it offers, music, entertainment and most importantly of all delivering a quality, memorable wedding disco. They have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment needed to make sure that your guests have an amazing time at your reception.

Best of all, for couples who don’t know what kind of playlist they want, My Big Fat Wedding Disco is on hand to help. They’ll meet with couples ahead of the big day to find out what type of music they like and dislike and then the experienced DJ will tailor-make the perfect playlist guaranteed to fill the dancefloor. Gavin also suggests: “It’s a great idea to ask your guests for their requests on your invites – then you have a ready-made playlist!” That’s certainly one way to ensure everyone leaves smiling.

The first dance and beyond

Similarly, if the first dance song choice is becoming a battleground between the engaged couple, My Big Fat Wedding Disco can help to find the perfect choice. After a chat with the couple they’ll send across 3-5 recommendations based on their personal preferences which the couple can review. Of course, there’s no requirement to use one of the recommendations but it can certainly help to bring the ideas flowing.
As well as floor-filling tunes and heartfelt first dance numbers My Big Fat Wedding Disco also offers indoor uplighting as standard with its packages. A choice of colour wash can be used inside the venue to help keep on track with the colour theme for the day. With the beautiful blank canvas space Isaacs offers, this is the perfect way to complement the rest of your décor and pull everything together.

Personalised touches can also be accommodated: couples could opt for a mix of their first dance song, end of night song or even add additional props such as ‘LOVE’ letters, willow trees or vintage props and effects.
Just as your venue can enhance the magical atmosphere of your wedding, the wedding DJ can set the tone for your celebrations. Their service goes above just playing a song, but extends to them reading the room to pick the right tune, taking requests and ensuring everyone is happy.
Being one of our trusted suppliers, our wedding coordinators will liaise directly with My Big Fat Wedding Disco and book them on your behalf. Then, we’ll hand over the reins to you, so you can start to put your wedding playlist together.

If you’re planning on holding your wedding at Isaacs’ Grade I and Grade II* listed building you’ve got a stunning waterfront backdrop to perfectly showcase those finer details - like a show-stopping wedding cake.

When it comes to weddings, cakes have been part of the tradition for centuries, a symbol of joy, celebration and of course love. Yet despite the age-old tradition and the beautifully historic setting that Isaacs offers, your cake can be thoroughly modern – or suitably traditional and anything in between.

Today, wedding cakes come in a dizzying array of shapes, sizes and colours and it’s common for them to be personalised to seamlessly match not only the surroundings, but also reflect the couple’s style and personality.

We caught up with Angela Dean from Cakes and Bakes, a trusted supplier of Isaacs Weddings to talk all things wedding cake.

Angela has been baking for over a decade. She was originally inspired to get creative in the kitchen for her nieces, who are gluten- and dairy-intolerant. With a love of baking firmly in place she moved into making wedding cakes around six years ago.

Angela has been working with couples who marry at Isaacs ever since and offers a bespoke service, tailored to individual requirements. Whether you’re after a towering creation with multiple tiers to be the centrepiece of our timber-beamed reception rooms, or a simple single tier to enjoy with close friends and family in the secret garden, Angela will work with you to bring your vision to life.

You’ve got good taste

Of course, Angela is the first to say that you don’t have to go for a traditional cake. She also makes wedding cupcakes that can be presented on a tiered stand or even formed into cupcake bouquets which can double up as table centrepieces and sweet treats for guests. In fact, the latter is a great example of how Angela will work with every couple to achieve the cake of their dreams on their budget.

Once a couple has settled on a design, Angela will price it up for them. Of course, the raw ingredients and the intricate nature of the bake impact on the price but Angela has some clever ideas ready to deploy. One suggestion she offers couples is small tweaks that minimally impact on the overall design but can bring the price down – such as replacing delicate sugar-crafted flowers with artificial flowers for decoration. Another oft-used suggestion is to replace the bottom tier with a dummy tier – guests are wowed by the grandness of a cake and are none the wiser to this little trick.

Having done more than her fair share of wedding cakes for our Isaacs guests Angela is able to say with all certainty that ‘semi-naked’ cakes are the current flavour of the month. Isaacs just happens to be the perfect foil to this rustic style bake thanks to its timber beans, atmospheric lighting, vaulted ceilings and heaps of historical features throughout.

Choosing the right cake

Selecting your cake can be overwhelming but fortunately, Angela is on hand to take couples through the process. At the initial consultation, Angela will find out how many servings are required to determine the size sponges that are needed. She’ll also take input from the couple as to their ideas on design and style as well as dietary requirements and favourite flavours.


Angela knows how important it is for all guests to feel part of the big day so should any guests have intolerances or allergies she will prepare matching cupcakes to meet requirements that are individually boxed for couples to offer these guests.

If you’re struggling to know whether to opt for strawberries and cream filling, a traditional fruitcake or a gooey chocolate fudge cake take advice from Angela the expert: “I always say, don’t worry about what the guests like. Always order your favourite flavours. Because if there is lots left you are the ones who are left eating it!”

But rest assured, no matter what flavour you choose, with Angela part of your wedding team the wedding cake will be an important and memorable part of your special day at the unique setting Isaacs offers. With the right cake to enjoy as you gaze out at those waterfront views, your day will be complete and you and your guests will have a delicious treat to enjoy.

If you want to have your cake and eat it in beautiful surroundings give Isaacs a call to see how we can help plan the wedding of your dreams.

Photo credit: Angela Dean

Transform your venue with carefully chosen and presented wedding flowers. It will be all eyes on your spectacularly dressed scene – at least until the blushing bride arrives…

In the second of our wedding flowers blog we get more advice from Beverley Thomas of Henley Flowers to find out how to dress your venue with flowers. If you missed the first blog, you can read all about bouquets, buttonholes, hair arrangements and posies for bridesmaids and flower girls.

Whether you’re getting married in a church or a ceremony room and regardless as to whether you’ll be celebrating on a boat, in a hall, outdoors or on a beach – carefully crafted blooms are a sure-fire way to elevate your wedding and make it memorable for all the right reasons. But there’s more to it then picking your favourite blooms – you’ll want to find a florist who can incorporate flowers effortlessly into your theme and in such a way that they complement every aspect. Read on for our insider knowledge.

Ceremony Room


Your flowers should always complement your setting. Henley Flowers is one of Isaacs’ trusted supplies and is expert at bringing out the best of our beautiful historic building. “The venues and rooms themselves often dictate the best kind of decorations it suits,” confirms Beverley. “Isaacs works really well for beautiful, rustic weddings – especially the ceremony room. The wood is really neutral though, so it can take vibrant modern arrangements as well as more traditional designs. This is where couple can really put their stamp on the day and make it their own.”

Some venues may already have some flowers in place – at Isaacs our rooms are usually well dressed with blooms. This can help you reduce what you need to spend as your florist can design a scheme that complements what is already there.

And savvy florists should also be able to help you stretch your budget by incorporating floral arrangements that can be moved as your day progresses: “The ceremony is only usually a short part of the day, so I always recommend choosing items that can be moved easily,” explains Beverley. “The ceremony arrangement usually makes a good top table arrangement, chair ends can be popped into bottles and jars, pedestals and other arrangements can be moved to the reception. It makes sense to get full use of all the items and if the florist knows the plan, they can make it with both uses in mind.”

Table centerpieces

Flowers can deliver that WOW factor in a way that bunting, garlands and pom poms just can’t. Not only can they showcase your wedding theme and create stunning focal points but they also serve to fragrance a room. “There are many wonderful ideas out there, incorporating different containers – some tall, some low (to avoid getting in the way across the table), candles, fairy lights, personal items, handmade or decorated accessories. It is a great way to bring your personalities and themes to the day,” explains Beverley.

You can also use your table centerpieces as part of the signage for table names and numbers too – your creative florist should be able to help with some ideas. How about crafting table numbers out of beautiful blooms?

And in our increasingly environmentally-aware world why not replace thank you gifts with your centerpieces at the end of the night? Not only will it save you cash but your special guests will get to take home a small piece of the big day. You could take this one step further and give every guest a cut bloom to take home – imagine a large flower wall for your décor which gradually empties as your guests leave.

Wedding cakes

While we’re not suggesting you replace that three-tiered number for a floral arrangement – fresh flowers on a cake can take a cake from nice to amazing in minutes and ensure it matches the rest of your wedding theme. “If you’re on a budget using flowers on your cake is a good way of making something ordinary into something special,” says Beverley. “Often family members or friends would like to make the cake, but are not confident on the decoration. Once it is all set up in place, we’re happy to add those final finishing touches and it is one less thing for people to sort on the big day.”

Showcase your personality

In recent years we’ve seen far less of the identikit weddings as people are choosing to let their personalities, loves and hobbies shine through on their big day. Planning your wedding day should be fun – whether that’s potting up lavender in welly boots, using moss as fun table runners or incorporating feathers, gems or other adornments in your bouquet. “I love a theme!” says Beverley. “As a florist there’s nothing like getting the creative juices flowing and coming up with some ideas for a wedding with a bit of a twist. Often people like to subtly include something in the flowers. Over the years I have incorporated Lego figures, Mickey Mouse ears, action figures and football shirts to name a few. I even made a beautiful bridal bouquet that came with a lightsaber handle! I always say that anything is possible. Sometimes we just have to think about the logistics, but we usually find a way.” Challenge accepted!

Henley Flowers: Henley Flowers is an independent florist with a passion for making wedding dreams come true for couples. Launched in 2013 after gaining several years of on-the-job training and gaining a Diploma in Floristry with Distinction, its approach is that no two weddings are the same. Every client is offered a free wedding flowers consultation so that the service provided can be personalised to meet each couple’s budget, theme and requirements.

Isaacs: From its waterfront location in Ipswich, Isaacs offers something truly special for those looking to add a little magic to their wedding. Accommodating up to 74 guests our ceremony room is truly breath-taking with exposed timber beams, vaulted ceilings and simple, classic décor bathed in atmospheric lighting. The Top Floor is just the place to celebrate with your guests, while there’s also a private garden and first-class catering options.

Whether you opt for big blousy peonies or traditional romantic roses your wedding flowers will be key to setting the tone of your big day. But if you don’t know your foliage from your freesias the task can be overwhelming.

At Isaacs one of our trusted suppliers is Henley Flowers. In our first wedding flowers blog, we speak to Beverley Thomas, Founder of Henley Flowers to find out everything you need to know about bouquets, buttonholes, flower girls’ floral decorations and flower arrangements for the hair. Check out our second blog on dressing your ceremony and reception rooms.

Before you start deliberating over tulips or lilies or debating a vintage theme, get your venue in place. Historic buildings often come with beautiful architectural details that can be enhanced with the right floral package. At Isaacs we’re lucky to have exposed beams and vaulted ceilings yet it provides a neutral space where both vibrant modern arrangements, as well as traditional or rustic floral schemes, can really shine.

Brides’ Bouquets

If you have a strict budget, Beverley suggests there is a lot that couples can do themselves, but finds that the bouquets are her most-requested job. After all your bouquet will be in all your wedding pictures so it’s worth getting this key aspect of the nuptials right. “Most brides go for the hand-tied bouquets,” shares Beverley. “These come in lots of different styles – some neat and elegant, others big and wild. For the popular rustic weddings a natural-looking hand-tied bouquet that is a little bit wild and spiky is just the thing.”

And what does Beverley see brides-to-be opting for in the coming years? “The more traditionally shaped shower or teardrop bouquets are definitely making a resurgence. They look lovely in photos. As they are a completely different shape, they really stand out from the bridesmaids’ posies.” Personalising weddings is also becoming more popular and is one way that brides can make their day unique. “I am increasingly asked to attach little mementos to the bridal bouquet, which is a lovely personalized touch. There are little charms you can buy to tie on to put photos in. Sometimes rings or brooches or special material, such as the lace from Grandma’s wedding dress.”

Bridesmaids’ Flowers

It may seem extravagant to dress your bridesmaids with pretty posies – especially if you have more than just a few – but the overall impact can be worth it. A line of bridesmaids all with matching floral arrangements can create stunning photo ops. The other thing it’s worth noting is that not only will your bridesmaids look fantastic but they’ll also do a fantastic job of scenting your ceremony and reception rooms! “People often comment after the wedding that they hadn’t expected the flowers to smell so nice,” explains Beverley. “It’s easy to just think about what they are going to look like and forget about the wonderful scene that fresh flowers can bring to a wedding.”

Flower Girls’ Floral Pieces

When it comes to your flower girls Beverley cautions you take into consideration their age. “Once they get to a certain age, they don’t want anything too young and want something more like the big bridesmaids!” says Beverley. She continues, “A little mini version of the brides bouquet can be delightful. Hair bands and circlets can look so pretty. Flower girl wands and baskets of petals are often the best idea for many – pretty and matching the bride, but not too expensive.”

Floral Decorations for the Hair

Adorning your locks with beautiful fresh flowers that tie in with the rest of the theme will elevate any big day – and it’s super-easy to include them in any hairstyle. “It doesn’t have to be a big hairpiece like a flower circlet – although these can look amazing,” comments Beverley. “More often than not, I just wire up some gypsophila (baby’s breath) or small rose buds and these can be inserted into any arrangement for a more natural and subtle look.”


Let’s not forget the men in your life – you’ll also want to have buttonholes for those people who have a role to play in the ceremony. “Again buttonholes and corsages are what I am asked to do a lot of,” says Beverley. “Sometimes just for the groom and best man, occasionally for everyone coming to the wedding, but more often than not for the groom, best man (or woman), ushers, groomsmen, parents and other close family members.” As she points out, it’s one way of including loved ones in your big day and making them feel a part of it: “An elderly relative loves being included with a buttonhole or corsage. And don’t forget the mini ones for page boys too – these always look so cute!”

You’ll need to consider what flowers will work well: “Traditionally carnations – and more commonly now roses – make good buttonholes as they last well out of water.” But any good florist will be able to suggest flowers, colours, styles and even accessories to be incorporated that will fit your scheme.

It’s also worth checking the fixings of corsages – not everyone may be so keen to don one if they’re in their Sunday best. “I usually make the buttonholes and corsages on pin fixings,” explains Beverley, “but for the ladies we can do them on magnet fixings. So if someone is wearing a thin fabric they don’t have to worry about it tearing. Wrist corsages and corsages for handbags always look extra special too.”

Henley Flowers: Henley Flowers is an independent florist with a passion for making wedding dreams come true for couples. Launched in 2013 after gaining several years of on-the-job training and gaining a Diploma in Floristry with Distinction, its approach is that no two weddings are the same. Every client is offered a free wedding flowers consultation so that the service provided can be personalised to meet each couple’s budget, theme and requirements.

Isaacs: From its waterfront location in Ipswich, Isaacs offers something truly special for those looking to add a little magic to their wedding. Accommodating up to 74 guests our ceremony room is truly breath-taking with exposed timber beams, vaulted ceilings and simple, classic décor bathed in atmospheric lighting. The Top Floor is just the place to celebrate with your guests, while there’s also a private garden and first-class catering options.

You’re getting married and you’ve chosen your location and your date. There’s much more to plan and your photography is on the list. For weddings at Isaacs on the Quay, our team of wedding coordinators is on hand to help.

When it comes to wedding photography, many couples select their photographer based on the style of their portfolio or via personal recommendations. Your special day will probably take months, if not years, of careful planning and consideration.

So, choosing the style of the photography that will capture that day, as well as the shots that will bring memories flooding back, should be given as much consideration as any other aspect of your wedding.

Here at Isaacs, we have a trusted network of wedding suppliers, including Suffolk-based photographer, Gavin King. We teamed up with Gavin to cover the different styles of wedding photography, and what shots should not be missed.

Your wedding, your style

While every wedding is unique, the styles you could choose for your photography will largely fit into two different themes – reportage and traditional. Within these, you could add in a more creative approach, some more candid shots, or a more look and feel.

Whichever style you choose, it should fit with your own wedding theme, as well as the location you’ve selected for your day and into the evening.

“Weddings at Isaacs on the Quay can accommodate many different photography styles” says Gavin King. “The historic back drop of the Ceremony Room allows more romantic shots to take shape, while the Ipswich Waterfront can offer the opportunity to be dramatic. The Private Garden and the Top Floor are both great places for more candid pictures.”


Reportage-style photos are, by nature, more candid, genuine and in-the-moment. They capture mood and emotion, as well as some of the wonderful interactions during your entire wedding day. Reportage-style photos work well for weddings at Isaacs on the Quay, where there is a mix of the old and the new. The Ipswich Waterfront is great for this style of shot.


More formal yet just as beautiful, traditional photos capture the simple moments perfectly, with your photographer staging the composition to ensure the agreed line up of images takes place. For weddings with Isaacs, traditional photos can be set up in the Private Garden, or in the formal rooms inside, and complemented with more candid shots in other areas.


Showing the raw emotions on show on your wedding day, candid-style shots are perfect for the party and make fantastic memories – ones you may well have missed yourselves– to look back on. For your after-party, either in the Isaacs Private Garden area or on the Top Floor, candid shots really capture the moment and bring you details of your wedding day that you might have missed!


Great for more interesting locations, whether they include an historic backdrop with period features or a unique skyline, dramatic photos can add breath taking character to your wedding album. Isaacs on the Quay delivers on both of these fronts and offers the old and the new as backdrops for your wedding photography.


For pictures of the happy couple, there can be nothing more romantic than the wedding day itself and romantically-styled photos can capture the love and happiness of the moment, perfectly. The history of Isaacs on the Quay brings romanticism into full effect, especially in the Ceremony Room.

Capturing the moments

“My job is to capture the story of the wedding day, so each wedding portfolio typically starts with the bridal preparations around two hours before the main event, moving through the build-up to the ceremony, the wedding breakfast and speeches and to the party and celebrations afterwards. Often, this means I’ll bring an additional photographer with me, to help ensure no moments are missed.”

Gavin’s checklist of unmissable moments includes:

The Ipswich Waterfront and the historic backdrop at Isaacs on the Quay can make the ideal setting for a wedding to remember. To find out more about planning your wedding with Isaacs on the Quay call the team on 01473 284000 (option 2) or email us at

You can find out more about photography packages from Gavin King at

When you start planning your wedding in Ipswich, or anywhere else, for that matter, there’s a lot to remember.

Not an everyday event, you’ll probably need a wedding checklist to help make sure everything’s falling into place when it should, and where it should.

Choose the right location and you may also benefit from a wedding coordinator and a list of approved suppliers, helping you to ensure everything’s perfect on your big day.

That’s certainly the case when you choose Isaacs Weddings. As well as being able to relax knowing our wedding coordinators will prompt you when things are needed, you’ll skip a few things on the wedding planning list. For instance, we’ll take care of all the catering for you – including your wedding breakfast and your drinks.

To make life even easier for you, our wedding coordinators have shared their wedding planning checklist, covering off the final few months before you get married:

First things first…

Of course, the first stop along your wedding planning path is to book a venue for your big day. Once you’ve done that, there are a few things you need to tie in to make the date a success:

Book your registrar immediately to make sure they’re available on the date you’ve chosen.
Send out save the date notes to ensure the important people in your life can make it on the day.

Shop for your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and wedding suits – fittings can take some time.

Secure your suppliers – from your photographer and videographer to your florist, cake-maker and evening entertainment.

With around eight months to go…

Not everyone needs a theme for their wedding, but as you start planning, you’ll need to decide how your invites and decoration might look:

Begin your guest list – think about who you’d like to invite to both the daytime and the evening celebrations.

Choose or design your wedding invitations and start planning who’ll receive one.
Start planning the decorations for your big day. And decide if you’ll have a theme.

About four months beforehand…

You’ll have had a few months off the organisation after you’ve sent your invites out, but with about four months to go, things start to get exciting:

Meet with your catering team to finalise menus and check everything is as you’d like it.
Send your invitations, together with travel and accommodation information for those coming from afar.

Schedule in dress fittings – both for the bride, the bridesmaids, the groom and groomsmen.
Book hotel accommodation for yourself and consider block-booking some rooms for your guests too. Don’t forget, if your wedding is at Isaacs on the Quay, you could book into The Merchant House, with its stunning bridal suite. It sleeps up to 14 guests and is full of character and charm.

Select and book the transport you’d like to take you to and from your wedding venue.

Three months before your wedding…

As your date draws nearer, you’ll need to start thinking about the finer details for the day itself:
Create a seating plan – this is never as easy as it sounds, so make sure you have plenty of time to hand.
Compile all your acceptances and send off your guests’ food choices to your caterers.
Order your wedding decorations and favours – these may take a while to arrive so order early.

With just one month to go…

Your big day is nearly upon you, plans are all in place and all that’s left to do is to check you have everything exactly where you want it:

Pick up your wedding rings and put them somewhere safe – make sure you remember where!
Finalise wedding playlists with your DJ or band. And don’t forget to discuss your first dance.
Liaise with all your suppliers to make sure they have everything they need to meet your expectations.
Meet with your wedding venue to have a last look around and to plan where decorations will be placed.
Once everything’s in place, all that’s left to do is to enjoy your big day.

At Isaacs we take the hassle out of your wedding planning, with a team of wedding coordinators and a network of approved suppliers all on hand to help you enjoy every moment of the run up to getting married.

To find out more about weddings at Isaacs on the Quay and to talk to one of our experienced wedding coordinators, please call us on 01473 284000 (option 2), email us on or visit us online today.

Crisp bright daylight and twinkling lights in the early evening…winter weddings can be truly spectacular and, at Isaacs on the Quay, the colder months bring a special dimension to your big day. Winter weddings can also represent great value for money and, for these reasons among many, they’re becoming more and more popular.

While summer is still the favourite season for couples getting married, a winter wedding offers a beautiful backdrop, too. That’s especially true of weddings at Isaacs on the Quay, where the carefully restored Grade I and II* listed buildings offer a unique indoor setting that is complemented perfectly by their stunning Ipswich Waterfront surroundings.

Whether you want the big day to have a festive, Christmas feel, or if you dream of a white-winter wedding, the team at Isaacs on the Quay are on hand to bring your ideas into reality.

A touch of romance

With darkness falling earlier in the winter time, your evening guests will be treated to a real wonderland on the Ipswich Waterfront, with fairy lights bobbing on the boats in the quay and along the quayside, too.

At Isaacs we dress up your wedding venue to bring real atmosphere, adding extra romance to your occasion.

White winter weddings

It would be an amazing stroke of luck to have snow on your winter wedding day, but a touch of frost on the Ipswich Waterfront, as well as some stunning sunsets, set the scene for some amazing photos.

Remember, in winter it’s a good idea to book your wedding ceremony fairly early in the day, so you make use of the daylight for photos, before your evening guests arrive.

Deck the halls for a festive scene

For weddings during the festive season, Isaacs delivers an even more magical backdrop, decorated with Christmas trees and lights for extra sparkle.

The Christmas holidays also mean that more of your guests may already have time booked off, giving them more opportunity to attend and making a mid-week wedding even better.

Whatever the weather

Of course, everyone prefers fair weather for their wedding day but, come rain or shine, Isaacs offers a great setting for your marriage ceremony, for your celebrations and for your photos too.

Our wedding coordinators create the perfect indoor wedding, so you don’t need to worry about the weather.

Wondering about weddings at Isaacs on the Quay?

The Isaacs on the Quay wedding coordinators would love to discuss your wedding with you. Give the team a call on 01473 284000 (option 2), email us at

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