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Wedding Flowers: Dressing Up The Bridal Party

Whether you opt for big blousy peonies or traditional romantic roses your wedding flowers will be key to setting the tone of your big day. But if you don’t know your foliage from your freesias the task can be overwhelming.

At Isaacs one of our trusted suppliers is Henley Flowers. In our first wedding flowers blog, we speak to Beverley Thomas, Founder of Henley Flowers to find out everything you need to know about bouquets, buttonholes, flower girls’ floral decorations and flower arrangements for the hair. Check out our second blog on dressing your ceremony and reception rooms.

Before you start deliberating over tulips or lilies or debating a vintage theme, get your venue in place. Historic buildings often come with beautiful architectural details that can be enhanced with the right floral package. At Isaacs we’re lucky to have exposed beams and vaulted ceilings yet it provides a neutral space where both vibrant modern arrangements, as well as traditional or rustic floral schemes, can really shine.

Brides’ Bouquets

If you have a strict budget, Beverley suggests there is a lot that couples can do themselves, but finds that the bouquets are her most-requested job. After all your bouquet will be in all your wedding pictures so it’s worth getting this key aspect of the nuptials right. “Most brides go for the hand-tied bouquets,” shares Beverley. “These come in lots of different styles – some neat and elegant, others big and wild. For the popular rustic weddings a natural-looking hand-tied bouquet that is a little bit wild and spiky is just the thing.”

And what does Beverley see brides-to-be opting for in the coming years? “The more traditionally shaped shower or teardrop bouquets are definitely making a resurgence. They look lovely in photos. As they are a completely different shape, they really stand out from the bridesmaids’ posies.” Personalising weddings is also becoming more popular and is one way that brides can make their day unique. “I am increasingly asked to attach little mementos to the bridal bouquet, which is a lovely personalized touch. There are little charms you can buy to tie on to put photos in. Sometimes rings or brooches or special material, such as the lace from Grandma’s wedding dress.”

Bridesmaids’ Flowers

It may seem extravagant to dress your bridesmaids with pretty posies – especially if you have more than just a few – but the overall impact can be worth it. A line of bridesmaids all with matching floral arrangements can create stunning photo ops. The other thing it’s worth noting is that not only will your bridesmaids look fantastic but they’ll also do a fantastic job of scenting your ceremony and reception rooms! “People often comment after the wedding that they hadn’t expected the flowers to smell so nice,” explains Beverley. “It’s easy to just think about what they are going to look like and forget about the wonderful scene that fresh flowers can bring to a wedding.”

Flower Girls’ Floral Pieces

When it comes to your flower girls Beverley cautions you take into consideration their age. “Once they get to a certain age, they don’t want anything too young and want something more like the big bridesmaids!” says Beverley. She continues, “A little mini version of the brides bouquet can be delightful. Hair bands and circlets can look so pretty. Flower girl wands and baskets of petals are often the best idea for many – pretty and matching the bride, but not too expensive.”

Floral Decorations for the Hair

Adorning your locks with beautiful fresh flowers that tie in with the rest of the theme will elevate any big day – and it’s super-easy to include them in any hairstyle. “It doesn’t have to be a big hairpiece like a flower circlet – although these can look amazing,” comments Beverley. “More often than not, I just wire up some gypsophila (baby’s breath) or small rose buds and these can be inserted into any arrangement for a more natural and subtle look.”


Let’s not forget the men in your life – you’ll also want to have buttonholes for those people who have a role to play in the ceremony. “Again buttonholes and corsages are what I am asked to do a lot of,” says Beverley. “Sometimes just for the groom and best man, occasionally for everyone coming to the wedding, but more often than not for the groom, best man (or woman), ushers, groomsmen, parents and other close family members.” As she points out, it’s one way of including loved ones in your big day and making them feel a part of it: “An elderly relative loves being included with a buttonhole or corsage. And don’t forget the mini ones for page boys too – these always look so cute!”

You’ll need to consider what flowers will work well: “Traditionally carnations – and more commonly now roses – make good buttonholes as they last well out of water.” But any good florist will be able to suggest flowers, colours, styles and even accessories to be incorporated that will fit your scheme.

It’s also worth checking the fixings of corsages – not everyone may be so keen to don one if they’re in their Sunday best. “I usually make the buttonholes and corsages on pin fixings,” explains Beverley, “but for the ladies we can do them on magnet fixings. So if someone is wearing a thin fabric they don’t have to worry about it tearing. Wrist corsages and corsages for handbags always look extra special too.”

Henley Flowers: Henley Flowers is an independent florist with a passion for making wedding dreams come true for couples. Launched in 2013 after gaining several years of on-the-job training and gaining a Diploma in Floristry with Distinction, its approach is that no two weddings are the same. Every client is offered a free wedding flowers consultation so that the service provided can be personalised to meet each couple’s budget, theme and requirements.

Isaacs: From its waterfront location in Ipswich, Isaacs offers something truly special for those looking to add a little magic to their wedding. Accommodating up to 74 guests our ceremony room is truly breath-taking with exposed timber beams, vaulted ceilings and simple, classic décor bathed in atmospheric lighting. The Top Floor is just the place to celebrate with your guests, while there’s also a private garden and first-class catering options.

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